Being a stepmom gives me the opportunity to be very loving toward my sweet step-daughter and step-son; some might say too loving.

Stepmom Roxy is what they used to call me, but now our relationship has changed and that makes us all much happier. We decided to start our Memorial Day Weekend earlier than most. So we could get the perfect spot at the campground.  I like being far from communications because that means they have to rely on the old-fashioned kind of fun. Although my idea of fun is a lot different from most, they always agree in the end, it’s the best they ever had.

I’m always the doting stepmom, striving to balance the parenting and friend part of the relationship. I’ve always hoped I’ve achieved both, but after these past few days I know I have. My step-son and daughter are much closer to their stepmom now, and about to get even closer. We were getting ready for bed that night, cleaning up the inside of the RV when I caught my step-son watching his sister as she bent over one of the benches to reach a fork that had dropped on the floor. The look on his face was not one I’d seen before of an innocent brother but of a young man curious about what was underneath his sister’s spandex shorts.

I couldn’t help but call him out on it, and he looked down at the ground embarrassed.

‘Oh sweetie, don’t be embarrassed. I’ve seen you trying to catch a peek at me before too!’.  I grabbed my step-daughters hand and brought her over in front of her brother. ‘Let’s play a little game’, I said. I stood behind her and pulled down her spandex. I grabbed his hand and made him touch her. He tried to jerk his hand away and she tried to take a step back, but I wasn’t about to let them stop. I wanted to get off by watching them have some forced incest in front of me.

Locking the front door, and putting the key inside my bra. I drug her over to the bed and tied her down. Then I set my eyes on my step-son dragging him by the arm over to the bed. I pulled his arms behind him and pushed down on the back of his head. ‘Your stepmom wants to watch you play!’.

Forcing his face down in between her legs, I instructed him on what I wanted him to do. I slipped a hand into my panties as I watched his tongue slip in and out of her pretty pink pussy. But I wanted more!

I untied her from the bed and told her she was going to suck him off for me and that she had no other choice, otherwise I’d tell their father how awful they had been.  She started sucking slowly and I asked him how good that felt. He moaned and he put his hands on her head forcing her mouth onto him deeper.Jerking off was nothing compared to getting your dick sucked huh!  It didn’t take long before he was close to cumming so I made him pull out. But I wasn’t done yet, it was only the beginning.

I instructed my step-daughter to get back up on the bed and masturbate and I wanted him to stroke his hard cock and watch. I set back to the side slipping my fingers into my own dripping wet pussy getting more and more excited. So I wanted to push the limits more!! I stood up and walked over to them and…

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