Stepdaddy, wanna fuck me tonight?

Stepdaddy you always fuck me just right! When I was a teenager I loved to get fucked by my mother’s husband, Greg. They weren’t married long, but while we all lived together, I hooked up with him more times than I can count! We had three good years together. And besides that bitch, my mom, I had Greg all to myself. I am the middle child and it is important I have some nice things for myself. Greg’s massive dick was one thing I had my sisters never did.

I was scrolling through my phone the other day and came across his info. Impulsively, I texted him. Stepdaddy, wanna fuck me tonight? I had been keeping his info over several phones, so I wasn’t surprised when he didn’t know my number and asked who I was? I let his question sit there a minute before I responded. It’s Gwen, long time, no see.

He came over to my place right away, much to my delight. He looked just as sexy as ever and the sexual tension between was instant and strong. Just like it was when I was a teenager.

We didn’t waste any time with polite chit chat because we both knew why I invited him over after all these years. I wanted my step daddy to fuck the shit out of me. No one can beat that pussy up the way that man can.

I led him to my bedroom in the back of my apartment and as soon as I closed the door behind us he picked my up by the waist and tossed me on the bed! He always was so strong and muscular! I do love a man who can pick me up and bounce me around.

Of course, my pussy was soaking wet and ready to go by the time he closed the distance between us and joined me on my bed. Without breaking eye contact, Greg pulled my shorts and panties off of me. He immediately went down on me, sucking my clit just the way I love. So he was the first man to eat me out all those years ago. He influenced my tastes, to be sure.

After making me cum in no more than five minutes or so, he got undressed and slid right inside of me. Oh, I just love the way his cock feels buried deep in my pussy. He fucked me so well I came again in no time at all, squirting all over his thick cock.

Looks like my stepdaddy and I are officially fucking again and I couldn’t be more pleased!

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