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That was not my first kiss at all.

Especially from my daddy. He was the one that showed me how to touch myself and how to kiss. That night and that kiss was a special one. Daddy was filled with lust for me. I felt it through his shorts as he pressed his body against my tight teen body. He was pinching my nipples, making them rock hard. I raised my hand and he took off my shirt and he started ravishing my Latina sexy teen body. Before I knew it he had his shorts down to his ankles and he had lifted my pink skirt.

I could see my sweet mother through the bushes.

She was washing the dishes looking out the window straight at us. But, that was impossible it was pitch dark. I know it was wrong but I love the fact that I could see her while her husband was pressing his cock up against my tight virgin Latina pussy. Daddy was so hard when I felt his cock up and down my wet teen slit. My pussy was dripping. After all, I was waiting for this moment for a while. Ever since daddy started grooming me. He stuck his fingers inside my tight Latina sweet pussy and smelled it and licked the juices off of it before he stuck it in my mouth. It did not take too long before I felt that sweet pain f him breaking through my hymen. I could feel my flower drip with blood down my legs and that was the biggest turn on. To know that I was now a woman. Daddy’s woman non less.

Stepdad Takes Latina Teen Virginity

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Mom and the rest of my friends came to look for us, 

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