Be my stepdad? Call me and I’ll tell you the entire story

Stepdad has always been good to me. Sometimes I even pretend he’s my real daddy! We get along great and have tons of fun together. He spoils me rotten. If mommy won’t let me do something, I know if I dress up real cute and talk real sweet to stepdad, he will go behind her back and let me do anything! I love him so much, so much that a surprising thing started happening.

I’ve been having dreams about him for awhile now. The dreams are really nasty and dirty, and I wake up wet and tingly between my legs. I know step daddy loves me more than anything and gives me whatever I want, so I came up with a plan.

Every Thursday night we rent a video game together, pop popcorn, and play around all night. We giggle and have so much fun! Tonight, I want to “play” with step daddy in a different way. This Thursday night will be the night he shows his pretty princess some new tricks.

After we’d been playing the game an hour, I said,”I want to try something I’ve been dreaming about.”
“What’s that, my darling princess?”
I say,”Step Daddy, can you put your hand in my panties?”
“Wha..? No baby, that’s one thing we can’t do.”

I scowl and pout real sassy, looks like I need to step it up at notch to show him I WILL get what I want. Then I stand up and unzip my little jean shorts, throwing them off.

“I need you to put your hand down my panties NOW! If you don’t I’m gonna tell Jim (his best friend) and everyone that you hurt me!”

He starts stuttering,”N-n-now princess, this is wrong, just calm down…”
“I’m locking myself in my room and calling Jim this second if your hand isn’t down my panties in 5-4-3…”
He gives up, “Okay, look but only for a minute, and this is our special secret, okay princess?”

I beam with glee and excitement as he reaches his hand down my tiny yellow boyshorts.
“I’m so happy step daddy, now I want to tell you about what I saw in some of the yummy videos I’ve been watching…just keep your hand down there.”

Wow that was a great night with my step daddy! I’m so happy I didn’t have to ruin his life and got what I wanted. Did step daddy take my innocence that night, or did we only have fun with our fingers?

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