Our family is awesome! I love my family so much. Of course, I am grateful to be a part of them and our sexy incest lifestyle. It only makes sense that my hot brothers are the ones showing me how to have the best sex with my step sister sex training. Chad is my oldest brother; he is a bad boy and always getting into trouble. I find him super sexy too. Jake is a couple of years younger than Chad and tries to be a good boy.

Jake thinks if he is a good boy, he can make up for all the naughty things Chad is doing. Too funny, and not the case. Both of them are always eyeing me when I am wearing my tiny pajamas or my swimsuits. I have even seen their dicks getting hard in their pants when I am around. We are always flirting with each other too.

They are the best choice for step sister sex training.

Mom and my step-dad have been giving me basic lessons, just no sex yet. I understand they are protective and going slowly for my benefit. Fuck that shit; I am ready to fuck somebody. Of course, Chad is the perfect candidate. He is sexy and wicked in every way. Then, I think about Jake, and my tight pussy is dripping in no time. That is why it is going to be both of them.

We are going to the lake this weekend, and I am getting my step sister sex training while we are there! All the fun we are having is going to be great for my Incest Role-Play Phone Sex. Additionally, we are always around each other so I can get more sex from them anytime I want. I know I am going to want it all the time once I have a dick inside me. Both of my brothers are sexy, and I know they have big dicks.

I want to have the best for my training.

Chad is a lady’s man. All the girls in town go crazy over him. Jake is sexy but in a different way. He doesn’t even realize all the girls that have crushes on him. That is fine with me, he and I can be fuck buddies. Once they get some of this tight teen pussy, they will be begging to fuck me day and night. Of course, my tits are enormous, and I make the ultimate Perfect Tits Girlfriend.

My brothers are going to love sliding their huge cocks between these giant titties. And, I am going to love them doing it. Licking the tip of their cocks as they pop out at the top of my breasts, all the yummy precum on my lips. I can imagine how they sound when they are moaning, and I will be making them moan a lot.

We are on the way to the lake in Chad’s truck.

It is just the three of us in his truck. Mom and Dad are driving their car too. This is the perfect time to tell the boys my plans for our weekend. They are both shocked and excited to hear my idea. I can see their dicks are semi-hard too. Okay, by the time we get up to the cabin, they are going to be ready to ravage me.

I am in between them on the seat and start sliding my hands up and down their thighs. As we come up to an old dirt road, Chad is turning onto it. There is an old abandoned property, and we pull in to the drive. The boys pull out their dicks for me. I am stroking both of them at the same time. Oh, they are rock hard for me. Chad stops me and says, let’s move to the back of the truck.

The three of us get out and undress in the sunlight, time for some step sister sex training.

Chad throws some blankets down on the ground, and the three of us lay down together. At first, we are just making out, enjoying exploring each other. My pussy is so wet as I start sucking on Chad’s cock. I am still stroking Jake’s dick too. From there, it is an afternoon of pleasure and exploration. Curious to find out how it went as I take my first hard cocks? Call me, and we can discuss all the dirty details!

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