Step-sister Impregnation Fantasy: Your Sister Wants Your Seed, NOW

Everyone’s got a fantasy, yours happens to be to impregnate your sister. You sure are corrupted! There’s a slight problem, you’ve only got a step-sister, what to do now? I guess this now becomes a step-sister impregnation fantasy, doesn’t it? It all began one day while browsing online. Let’s be honest here, you search and search for taboo sex videos but in reality, you want the blonde in the room next to yours to come to ride you. This is where your fantasy really starts. You grab your cock, close your eyes and the fantasy starts.

You are jerking off your thick cock, because I’ll give you that, your cock in thick! While your eyes are closed you think about what your step-sister might be doing. Perhaps she is at that same very moment playing with her tight juicy cunt. Maybe she’s even thinking about you! In your fantasy, she can’t contain her desire for you so she does what you don’t expect. Your step-sister walking right to your door in the middle of the night only wearing a thong, nothing else. Her perfect big tits sitting perkily as she knocks. You are jerking off but it’s taking you a while to finish.

When you hear the loud thud on your door it startles you and you hear your step-sisters voice.

The look on your face when you see your naughty step-sister is incredible. You can not stare at anything else than her big tits! You are left speechless so she just walks in and sits on your bed. Keep jerking off, this step-sister impregnation fantasy is just getting better. This is everything you have been literally praying for! Your big tit blonde step-sister wants your cock and she wants it now.

Your step-sister puts her legs up on your bed as you are still standing there. The thin cloth that is covering her pussy can’t contain it so she just pulls it over. She starts playing with herself without saying a word, and when she finally does, she is begging for your seed inside her already wet pussy. Now, what would you do? I bet I can tell you. Let’s not lie to ourselves you’d worship her pink pussy so that’s exactly what you do. You get on your knees and shove your tongue so far deep her cunt you’re afraid the parents might wake up.

Your step-sister impregnation fantasy is about to become a reality, well sort of…

In your dreaming, your step-sister tastes so good. Her juices are dripping down her ass crack and since she’s so turned on, you slip your tongue down south. It only makes her moan louder. Now it’s her turn to please you! You stand up by the edge of the bed with her legs spread wide open. Your step-sister wants your cock so back, she gets closer to the edge, pulls out your cock and starts rubbing it on her bare cunt. But she hasn’t earned it, has she?

You order her to her knees. And she obeys you like the good little slut she is. She’s the best cock sucker, no doubt. I guess all those rumors about her were true. She knows how to work a thick cock. Your step-sister’s hands are down by her side as she gobbles your meat stick. She takes it deep down her throat and you can even feel her slobber dripping on your balls. So what would you do know? Grab the back of her head and make her choke on it. Give your little step-sister something to gag about.

In your step-sister impregnation fantasy, this is where you can not contain yourself.

You pick your step-sister up and throw her on to your bed, just like in all those porns you’ve been watching. As you come near her your the head of your cock gently touches her cunt. She’s begging more and more. Your step-sister’s sweet voice begging for you to fuck her and not only that, to give her your seed. You push deep in her cunt, stretching it since your cock is so thick.

Tell me, how long do you think you’ll be able to last? A minute, five minutes? Maybe fifteen minutes? Your step-sister holds on close to you and as she whispers into your ear, your door knocks! Shit, the fantasy is ruined now or is it…

On the other side of the door is your slutty step-sister, she’s asking to borrow your charger, what do you do now?

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