A step sibling can be so much more than just a person you’re forced to deal with because your parents married each other.

Step sibling or lover they can be as close to you as your real siblings. They can be your best friend and sometimes the object of your desire. That last part doesn’t happen all the time, I suppose, but it definitely does happen occasionally. What do you do when you find yourself wanting to fuck your step sister brains out?

More and more lately I’ve been turning back to one of my favorite fantasies about my step sibling when I masturbate. In my fantasy, I am feeling confused and torn because the person I grew up with and love like a big brother have been turning me on sexually. He’s so smart and handsome. Not to mention he’s got a great sense of humor. How is a girl supposed to ignore all of that when it is staring her right in the face?

So, one night we’re hanging out at my place and it’s getting very late. We’ve both been drinking and playing cards and the time has gotten away from us. I decided to make a bold move and suggest we play strip poker. I am by no means a card shark and I knew the odds of me having to get naked first was high. That was my plan all along.

I figure once my step sibling gets a good long look at my pretty titties he’d be mine for the taking.

Since we were sitting close to each other while we played, I turned towards him and leaned in for a kiss. He doesn’t disappoint and begins to kiss me deeply in return. The kiss felt even better knowing how naughty it was for the both of us. I felt his hand slip between my thighs and his fingers sliding into my wet pussy. He began to rub my clit in a fast and hard circle.

It didn’t take long to get me off and when I came I drenched his hand with my juices. He swallowed my moans as we kissed and continued to stroke and pet me while I came down from my orgasm. After a while on his lap, I could feel him tensing up and starting to pull away from me a little. I think he might regret what just happened with his slutty step sister.

“Hey, are we still gonna be cool?” I asked him while putting my clothes back on slowly. He turns and looks at me for a long time before getting up to leave. “Yeah, Noelle…we’re cool. But, I don’t want this getting around to the rest of the family ok?”

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