Step Mommy and Son

When your husband is never around to please you sexually it’s easy to look for the nearest able dick around. And when the hardest hard body in your household is your 18-year-old stepson a sexy step mommy can’t resist teasing and flirting and fantasizing about fucking him. When you know your husband has been spending many nights at his young secretary’s apartment a woman can’t help but look at his son and decide that she will render the ultimate payback. “I’m going to fuck my stepson tonight.”

I know he wants to fuck his Step Mommy too. How do I know this? Well, I’m not blind and I catch him staring at my tits. I see the look in his eye. I’ve seen him sneaking glances at me in the shower. I hear him stroking his cock after seeing me walk around the house in my see-through nighty. l know he wants me and I know I want him. I’ve peeked at him coming out the shower and the size of his huge cock makes my mouth wet. I can’t wait to suck it and drink is hot creamy cum.  Coming out of the shower dressed only in a towel wrapped around my dripping wet body.

I knock on his door. When he answers he can’t help but look me up and down like he wants me.

“Oh, honey, I hate to bother you but since your dad is away again I need someone to rub lotion on my back. You don’t mind following me to my bedroom, do you?” He sighs, “Of course, Step Mommy, I will do anything for you.” I look him in the eye and say, “Anything?”. “Yes ma’am, anything”, he replies. So I drop my towel and expose my naked body. I see his cock getting hard in his pants. “Well, step mommy needs you to perform some other duties your father has neglected. You don’t mind fucking Step Mommy hard until I CUM, do you?”

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