When I married into the family I was most impressed by my step children. Darlene was such a bubbling and busty pre – teen with long bouncing blonde hair. Such an innocent looking face and the cutest dimples in the world.  When she smiled at me my heart melted. When I married her dad she gave me a big hug at the wedding reception and said, “I’m so glad you’re going to be my step mommy. You are so pretty. I can’t wait to spend every other weekend with you and daddy. We’re going to have so much fun together.” She hugged me and kissed her step mommy on the cheek. When I hugged her back her long blonde locks felt like silk in my hands. I wanted to hold her closer.

Her brother Danny however was a momma’s boy who wasn’t so happy about his dad marrying another woman. He was a very stand-offish kind of teenager toward me. He was kind of like a young James Dean. He was very cool, calm, collected  really hot and sexy. Being cold toward me just made me hotter under the collar and made me wetter between my legs.

My husband and I got the kids every other weekend and I always tried to make everything extra special around the house when they were there. I cooked their favorite meals. Darlene was say, “Thamk you, step mommy Genie. It was great.” While her brother Danny brood about and  say, “You’re cooking is nothing like my mom’s. My mom can really cook.” Then he would poke out his bottom lip. Did it hurt  my feelings? Maybe just a little but alll I wanted to do was to suck on his bottom lip.

"My mom cooks better"
“My mom cooks better”


One weekend when their dad had a big overnight business meeting I kept the kids. I had all types of fun things planned. Darlene wanted me to teach her how to co-ordinate he wardrobe and Danny wanted to be left alone. So I pulled out some of Darlene’s clothes and showed her how to match colors and styles and we pretended she was a runway model. She was so free spirited and like a model she was not ashamed of her body.

She walked around the bedroom totally nude looking at the clothes laid out on the bed as if trying to figure out what to wear next. She turned around quickly and her perky tits bounced up and down. She was holding a tight red dress with a long zipper. “Help me step mommy….help me put this on.” As she slid into the dress it formed her naked body like a snake’s skin. “Come zip me up” she whispered.

Step-,mom's  sweet girl
Step-,mom’s sweet girl


When I slid my hands down to the base of the zipper her ass looked so inviting. I ran my finger across her but crack pretending to reach the zipper base. I heard her moan and felt her bend slight;y over. I fondled her ass with finger and couldn’t resist bending over myself and sliding my wet tongue up and down. She moaned and squirmed in her tight red dress. When I looked up I saw Danny standing in the door way watching us and stroking the biggest cock I’d seen in years. Oh the naughty things Step Mommy Teaches her Step-Son and Daughter.

written by GENIE