Step Mommy Seduces her Stepson While Dad is Away

Step Mommy entered the living room in a long satin robe and sat next to her teenage stepson on the sofa. She crossed her leg and the robe opened so that he could see her beautiful long legs. “Tommy baby”, she said in a soft-spoken voice, “your father called and is snowed in and will not be making it home tonight from his business trip.” Tommy nodded as though to confirm that he understood her. As she stood up and turned toward the stairs her robe flared open even more and he could see the inside of her sexy upper thigh.

She caught him looking and shared a sexy grin. “Tommy, your dad promised to help me move the chair in our bedroom but now he is not here to do it. Son, will you come upstairs to our room and help me out please?” “Me?”, he asked. She leaned in toward him playfully and said, “Please Tommy.” He couldn’t resist her. When he walked into the bedroom of Step Mommy he was in her world. The world she ruled. “Close the door, son, and lock it. I have plans for you and your young big hard cock. Your daddy can’t satisfy me and I need a fat young hard cock to fill up my pussy.”

She took off her robe and showed him he sexy naked body and laid on the bed. His young cock was so rock hard. He pulled off his pants and shirt and laid on top of her. “Oh, mommy. You are so sexy.” She kissed him passionately, spread her legs wide and welcomed his big hard cock into her tight wet pussy.

It was a night that neither of us will forget but we might repeat it!

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