Step mom Roxy’s hubby is away for the weekend, and she’s ready to turn her step son into her sex slave.

Baby, your step mom has been anticipating this all week; seducing you for the first time and turning you into my sex slave! It’s Friday night and your father is away for the weekend. I’ve been waiting all week for 5 pm to come around so I could kiss him goodbye at the airport and hurry home and put on that sexy black backless dress I bought on Monday. Thinking about you walking in the house, seeing me in this sexy dress makes my pussy tingle, craving to feel your fingers as I make you slide them inside.

As you walk in the door your mouth opens as I lean up against the kitchen counter, that tight dress molding my body like a glove. I motion for you to come forward, smiling and licking my lips as you do, my eyes switching between looking at your face and your crotch just knowing that young dick is right underneath those jeans. As I pull the front of my dress down exposing my natural tits to you, I make you touch them. The look on your face is a cross between being turned on, and being terrified of what I’m going to make you do next.

‘Get down on your knees, I command, as I grab the top of your shoulders and push you down. I lift up my dress and make you pull my black satin panties down. ‘Do you know what your step mom needs today baby? Your step mom needs her step son to lick her pussy!’. With one leg over your shoulder and one hand grabbing your hair, that young face of yours look perfect smashed between those pussy lips. That face of yours is going to look like a glazed doughnut by the time I’m done with you sweet boy! It’s only the beginning Darlin, step mom Roxy is just getting started. I’m going to make you take that young cock and your going to fuck me over and over again, filling my cunt with pints of jizz. I know you’re going to beg me to stop, but those little pills I gave you will keep that cock hard for me all night long and then some.

So get ready to fill me up with cream pie after cream pie, in every hole I’ve got. And your daddy will be gone all weekend long. Just enough time for me to turn you into my young sex slave. Step-mommy is hungry, so get ready to play. Want to read some more of my kinky sex stories, cum visit my page.

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