Sissy boy pantie lover? Step into my closet lets see what I have In your size.  All Sissy boys get hooked to whats in my closet. The last sissy caller I had in my closet came out all dressed up in one of my pretty little outfits and now he is hooked. He loves it when I talk about to everyone and giggle about his small pathetic cock and no sense of fashion. He can’t get enough of the humiliation. I dressed him a skirt, matching blouse, panties, and pantyhose I even had him walking around in my high heels. After I dressed him I took him for a walk up and down the street I wanted all my neighbors to see my new pet.

Even the guys got hard watching him walk all girly. He was forced to act, walk, and talk all like the sissy slut I was turning him into. When we got back home for not picking up one of those guys that had his eye on him I punished him I pulled his panties down passed his knees and bent him over my bed and spanked him. I watched his little pathetic cock get hard and it still wasn’t as long as my finger even then. I giggle and laughed at his cock as he turned all red, He really is a pathetic loser. I push his skirt up over his hips and spank him harder, I then got bored so I grabbed my strap on and I made that sissy loser suck it the way he suppose to suck it, the way a real sissy slut would suck it. I smacked him around on the face as I he slide in and out of his mouth. When he didn’t deep throat my strap on I smacked him in the face harder and harder until his cheeks where red.

I walked around the bed until I was behind my little pet and then without warning shoved my strap on right into his tight little pussy hole. I’m so mean like that, but that’s what happens when you don’t follow my rules. He’s gonna be a good sissy slut by the time I’m done with him. I thrust it in and out harder and faster with each thrust watching his tight pathetic ass take every inch inside. His tiny little cock barely flops back and fourth it so small. I don’t want my sissy slut cumming just yet so I’m gonna drag it out and make him wait.

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Kinky Kelsey

Kelsey (2002)