Step Inside My Rape Fantasy, Make Me Beg For Mercy!

It may not be the word that you put to it. Rape. You may just think of the actions of it, having me completely at your mercy, the fight I put up and the rush of victory when you are able to overpower me and penetrate me. The fear in my eyes as I struggle fruitlessly in your unrelenting grasp. That’s the thing that gets your dick hard, right?

The setting doesn’t matter so much, outside of a bar at closing or in my own home during the day. You just know that you want me and it doesn’t matter if I give my consent or not, in fact doing it without my permission is even better. You like the battle. ¬†Gaining mastery over me in any way possible. Hearing me beg and plead and cry while you move single-mindedly toward your goal.

You’ve been stalking me, your prey. A couple minutes or weeks doesn’t really matter, you’ve been the hunter. I’ve been your unwitting quarry. Not knowing that you were watching my every move just looking for the opportunity to strike.

You drag me to somewhere quiet before I even know whats happening and push me down with a hand over my mouth, whispering in my ear that if I’m quiet, things will go easier, if I’m not, I may just end up with my throat cut.

You feel me shudder and can see my breathing quicken.

Even though I try to be quiet, soft whimpers are escaping but you let that pass because it shows that you are the conquerer. In total control. And you can see the moment when it hits me that you are bent on rape. My eyes widen and you move your hand to listen to my useless pleas, promising you anything if you’ll just not violate me this way!

Your superior strength holds me down and forces my thighs open. You are able to slide your hard fuckstick inside and feel the moment my soul shrivels at the violation. You revel in it and keep working your cock into me hard enough to make me bleed. And then you cum, coating my insides with your sticky seed.

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