So, I found out some shit the other day.  I found out that my creeper fucking step-dad “BIG DADDY FUCKING AL” is selling my panties to old dirty perverts on the internet.  I am talking thirty, forty, fifty bucks a pop for each pair.   The worse part about it all is I see no profit and my mom is constantly yelling at me because she has to keep buying me more panties.

I think I am entitled to some profit right?  I don’t think I am being an over dramatic daughter at all.  So, I tell my mom about Al’s little scheme.  Do you know that this bitch took his side?  In fact she even told me I needed to step it up a notch.  She told me that I had potential to make more money for them.   WTF! Make more money for them?  What about making money for me.  For forsakes its my property!

Mommy told me that I had to learn how to make these men happy.  She said that I was to practice on step Daddy Al and she would be there to show me and guide me through the motions.  Umm… Yeah… Of course my mouth dropped to the floor.  I was shocked!  Seriously, I mean I have had thoughts of a threesome before but with my Mother and Step Father, that is just crazy!

After running my mouth for nearly thirty minutes about how disgusting this whole thing was.  My Mom lost her temper and grounded me for a whole month!   Then as I am telling her what a dirty little cunt she is…. She grabs me by my pony tail forcing me to scream, and the minute I opened my mouth my Step Dad stuck his dick in my mouth.    My mom was telling me not to fight it.  To just feel the cock massage my tongue.  Relax my throat muscles and that his dick ease down my throat.

As he was skull fucking me, I felt  my mom take off my panties.   Then she slipped her fingers right in between my thighs. I couldn’t get  away.  By this time my Step Dad had my hands above my head, pinned down on the bed jamming his cock in and out of my mouth. He pulled is dick out and turned around to sit his ass right on face.  He wanted me to lick it.  I tried really hard not to, but my mom made me do it.  I had never tasted ass before.  However, I had imagined what it had tasted like and let me tell you it was very similar.  I felt so violated.

He climbed down off of my face, but he was  not finished with me yet.  My mother climbed up on my face telling me I had to lick her clit.   My Step Dad lifted up my legs and my mom held them down over my head.  I felt this burn in my pussy.  He had slammed his fuckstick in there and was just going to town on my snatch.

After a few minutes the thrusting of his cock was starting to feel really good.  I stopped resisting and just let myself enjoy it.  I could feel my pussy muscles get tighter and tighter.  Then when my mom started ferociously rubbing my clit i explode.  I came all over his dick.  Multiple times.  On the last orgasm he came with me.  Cumming in and on my pussy.  It felt so amazing.  But like hell would I ever let them know that I had enjoyed it.

As I was getting dressed I heard myself on a video.  When I looked at my parents, they were watching the video the secretly made and posted on the internet.  I was so pissed.  My mom told me to shut my mouth.  Stop being so ungrateful and do as I am told.

“Besides, In just five minutes of being posted you have made us $1200.00.  Now go get cleaned up we have a few request for some anal!” She demanded.