Step brother makes one naughty bet with his step sister.

I’m a naughty step sister. I admit it! What makes me naughty you might ask? Well, the fact that I just love family time with my new step brother. It is the best arrangement one can have. Tight as a family but he is only a door away if I want to get dirty. Him and I always make silly bets and most of the time we would even forget about them, not this last one though. The bet was simple, I was going to seduce his dad and he was going to seduce my mom. Whichever one of us did it first would get give the other oral sex for a month without getting anything in return. It was something I was not going to lose.

I started flirting with my step dad as soon as I had a chance. Wearing really skimpy clothing and asking him for rides to school. Making sure him and I were always alone was a priority. Obviously, it was easy since my step brother was trying to do the same with my mom. I knew my mom had a little crush on him, I mean, who wouldn’t? My stepdad and his son were one sexy duo. I know though I had the upper hand, my stepdad wanted my pussy for sure.

One night while my mom and step brother were out. I took my chance. I came downstairs wearing nothing but a tiny little thong. I told him how much I want him. He didn’t hesitate, and as soon as he saw me he made me get on my knees. I sucked his cock and he fucked me from behind nice and hard. When he came I recorded a little clip of him as proof to show my stepbrother.

Being the naughty step sister and stepdaughter is amazing.
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