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I am sweaty and for sure needing some time in the shower here. I am walking into the girl’s locker room and I already hear someone in the shower. Looking at the showers as I strip out of my clothes, I notice two hot blond bitches and one dude. They are lathering him in soap, water, and hot kisses. I guess I am going to be joining the hot fun for some steamy shower sex. I’m so fucking eager. I hop in and start making out with the two blonds. Our bodies are rubbing on one another and it feels so good having them suds me down with bubbles and soap. He is standing there in between us three with a rock hard cock ready for attention. I squeeze his cock while I continue to make out with the soaking wet girls. Their hands are going all over my body.

I can feel my tight twat about to squirt all down my thighs as they finger fuck me.

Fuck, I can not stop cumming. We are all pleasuring one another and rubbing our wet tits all over each other. We drop down to our hands and knees once the soap has rushed off of us. This cock is pointed right in our faces and of course since we are having steamy shower sex why not give a steamy fucking blow job. The three of us start to suck on his big rod, each of us deep throating him till he is pre cumming. God, he tastes so fucking good. He fucks our faces, giving us each a nice big taste of his cock. He picks me up off my knees and pushes me into the wall while the two girls beneath us lick and lap at us. His cock slides right inside of my pussy as one of the girls helps guide him into me.

He is stuffing his cock balls deep inside of me and the girls are mopping up my wetness soaking his cock and balls.

His cock is pounding my sweet little pussy hard and fast. This Steamy Shower Sex is getting fucking hot. Hotter than the water even. His cum is so about to bust out of his cock. He pulls out of me and we all surround his cock. Looking up at it. His cock so wants to bust all over our pretty little faces. We are going to bathe in this fucking cum. That nut load starts to soak our faces. This is just that more of a motivator to hit the gym every day.

Steamy Shower Sex is so fucking sexy. This is for sure a different kind of shower I am used to, like the time I had a golden shower sex session. Both are fucking amazing though.


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