Rough Sex, Make It Hurt So Good And Then Give Me More-Part I

Rough Sex! “Spread your pussy lips for me, baby,” he said in a rough commanding voice. I reached down to my lips to discover them drenched with sweet moisture. Then, I did as I was told and pulled the delicate pink flesh apart. I could feel the air rush in. He stood over the bed watching me. In this arena, he had only one name.

Master. “I want you to masturbate for me until you cum. If you’re a good girl, and you do this task well, I might fuck your hot cunt with my cock.” I shivered inside at the thought. That’s when I almost wet myself. I loved losing control and giving it to him. You see, I think we were made for each other, in the hushed darkness because we played this game many times and each time we grew bolder.

Give Me That Rough Sex!

My left hand spread my lips apart at the top, exposing my protruded clit for my two right fingers to work on. I dipped them into myself, lubing them up before I placed them on the pleasure hill. They moved in small gentle circles. I closed my eyes. I felt something hot on my leg! He was trying to distract me and wanted me to fail my task. He wanted to punish me.

I did enjoy being punished but all I could think about was his hard cock in front of my face and how much I wanted it ripping my walls apart. I was close already. A sharpness was digging into my thigh followed by a very cold object. All I wanted was him. Him to love me. Him to touch that place inside. “Yes, baby. Come for me.” The itch inside me became a swell of sensations that started skyrocketing all over my body. I could feel the sweat break out on my skin.

Do You Like Rough Sex?

His voice commanded, “Do it now!” And I came on command. The violent waves sent ripples of shock through my body. The sharpness came again. I felt something hot on each nipple. Another WAVE of orgasm hit me. I pulled my hands away and hugged myself. There was warmness on my clit and then it plunged inside me. My hand reached down and felt his head. “You were such a good girl.

I had to taste you. So young and sweet.” He licked my pussy like a cat licks up milk, one lap at a time. He was going to make me come again. Then he stopped. “Do you want to feel my cock?” “Yes please, Master.” His hand was twisting and pulling at one nipple and then the other. I could feel the top of his dick rubbing up and down my delicate lips. He slipped it down between my ass cheeks and circled it around the outside of my anus.

How Rough Do You Like Your Rough Sex?

Before sliding it back to the slippery opening. I felt a hard pinch on my left nipple. And just as I felt the pinch on my right nipple he thrust his cock into me. His fingers began rubbing my clit. The thrusts were hard and frenzied. Cold drips on my pinched nipples and then down my stomach to my clit. The drips got colder until they were no longer drips but a hard cold object. It was too much! I clawed at him to get up. But he only pushed me forcefully back down on the bed, keeping one hand on my throat.

The harder I struggled beneath him, the tighter his hand closed around my throat. It had become hard to breathe and the orgasm itch had begun. His cock parting the soft inner walls with each needful thrust and the struggle of each breath I took. A kind of euphoria passed over me. I knew I couldn’t keep this up. I was forced to back off. The second I did, his grip loosened. And then the pinching from my nipples was gone. He pulled himself completely out. Then he knew I was close. Of course, he did it on purpose. To be continued.

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