A Couples Retreat Full Of Sexual Enlightenment – Part II

Then he brought in two seminary pastors in training Mark, and Joe. From that point forward, I started staying at home while he went with the two seminary students. This gave me the opportunity to explore my sexual interests here on PSK. I said what about Joe, and Mark? He said, their wives will be coming as well. I rented a caravan, we can all fit in, and we will all ride together. I just shook my head, and said whatever you want dear. Joe was an older seminary student. Sort of a late calling to the ministry. He was in his late thirty’s. His wife was Stacie, a girl in her mid twenties, seems they met several years ago at a co-ed drug rehab function.

Mark was twenty years old, and his wife was Wendy, who was nineteen years old. They both went to the same faith-based high school, dated since in the ninth grade, committed themselves to “True Love Waits”, which means they were supposedly virgins before getting married six months ago. They are committing their lives to the ministry, which is why Mark join the seminary. All of us loaded up in the caravan, and left out early Saturday morning. The goal was to get to the retreat facility before two o’clock, and get settled into our cabins ready to go for the Sunday morning prayer breakfast before morning services.

We arrived in Columbus a little early around one o’clock, and got settled in. All of us were assigned a three bedroom cabin unit with a nice sized living room area. After settling in my husband say’s Joe, Mark, and I have to meet with some of the other ministers and go over tis weeks itinerary. We will be back a little later, and decide where we would all like to go eat. Stacie, Joe’s wife, said “What a way to spend your birthday”. Joe said, I am sorry honey we will get back soon, and we will eat at a nice restaurant for your birthday. After they leave, I open a bottle of wine I brought and poured me a glass.

So, Wendy, Marks wife said “Damn Hanna you sure are starting early”, and I commented, “I need something to ease the tension, and wine is all I have right now”. Wendy said well girl pour me some stress relief too. I said girl you are nineteen years old and too young to drink alcohol. You are not getting me in trouble. Wendy then says, I have been too young to do a lot of things I have been doing for years now, and that has not stopped me. I said fine, I’ll pour you a glass, but it is on you if you get drunk. Stacie asked for a glass as well. So as usual, when you start drinking and talking one glass turns to another, and before you know it, I was going to my room to get another bottle from my luggage. More to cum…..