Probably the only way I’d willingly wake up in the morning hours 😉

I’m a very sleepy person. Catching me actually awake in the morning hours is like striking gold. However…when there’s a cute one-night-stand or an ex lingering in my bed, I like to get creative with it. and I usually wake up before them anyway.
I love the feeling when I’ve been laying in bed, it’s all warm and cozy around me, and the guy I’m with just wraps his hands around me and cozy up behind me. When his hands start wandering, teasing, touching, and rubbing all over me in an attempt to wake me up nicely, so he can also wake up the evil little tease. I love when he kisses my neck, giving it a little bite, and I get mischievous with it and arch my back, rubbing my ass up against him, knowing that he already has a hard-on waiting for me. I love the sleepy, teasing allure of morning sex – and I LOVE to turn the tables on him and get under the sheets.. He woke me up for this, he can deal with me being a little evil and teasing the fuck out of his cock before he finally gets to fuck me. It’s a game I love to play – and my guy must love it too, or else he would have stopped luring me out of sleep months ago!

But the best part of having morning sex is just the way it starts your day. A lot of us have jobs that require us to zombie-walk out of bed and immediately jump into a speedy, dazed morning routine.. but when I’m in bed with him, the world can wait. It can wait another 10 minutes. He’s the one I’ve been in bed all night with, not work, not his boss, not anyone else. So he gets the benefit of waking me up slowly to get the sweet feeling of my lips wrapped around his cock early in the morning.. Kicking off the day with a BANG!

sig1Keep the work blues away with a morning blowjob..

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Sex is a game..
Wanna play?