Any first is always special and I wanted to make my very first entry just that! You see i’m new to the kingdom, the newest lolita on the playground ready to suck on daddies lollipop and keep it secret about letting my big brother touch my pretty pink kitty! You’ve got lots of options to choose from with me and I want you to know that I don’t mind sharing, as long as I get the first ride on that throbbing stick!

This kingdom is full of hot hot ladies i’ve been looking at a few girls on this block ~did I mention I like boys and girls?~ I like licking pussy just as much as you guys do but what really really makes me wet is having a man watch me, tell me how they want me to touch her, tell me how to prepare her for your cock to pound her into orgasmic bliss.

Variety is the spice of life and i’m into a variety of things! So if your a man who knows what he wants, how he likes it, and how he’s going to get it then i’m just a phone call away for your pleasures are mine as well.

Your Lolita


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