Squirting took on a whole new meaning when your dick was buried deep inside me and I drenched you with my hot juices.

Squirting Roxy left you drenched and wanting more didn’t it? I warned you how much I could expel if you hit that perfect spot, and with my directions on how to do it, you got a show and a wet bed.  When we’d talked about the first time you saw a girl squirt on a porn movie, but had never been able to experience it in real life. And I was more that willing to fulfill your fantasy and then some. You had the perfect size dick to work my spot that really gets my juices flowing, so I knew it would not be a problem for you to get me squirting all over that rock hard cock of yours.

First things first though, I had to give you that sloppy blow job to get your cock throbbing and ready to probe. That purple mushroom head just begging to find my sweet pink cave to bury deep inside was leaking like crazy.  I made you get on your knees, sliding my legs up just a bit where my ass was resting on your legs.  And as you starting pumping away, I knew I had you in the perfect position to have me squirting away in no time at all.

You kept licking and biting your lips, anticipating that plunging dick to strike pussy gold.

I could feel myself reaching that first big orgasm, and I grasped your wrists letting it shock my body from head to toe.  I told you to lean forward just a bit and fuck me harder than you’d ever fucked anyone. You were afraid you’d miss it if you leaned too far forward but I told you’d I’d warn you before I was about to let the squirting begin.

Knowing you wouldn’t miss it, you leaned forward and pushed my knees back to my stomach, grabbing my tits and pounding my pink box so hard that I couldn’t stand it for long!  You saw my eyes get wide, I grabbed the bedsheets and screamed ‘oh fuck ………. its time’.  And like a good boy you didn’t stop pounding but sat up a little more, keeping the rhythm going, and then it happened. That beautiful gush of fluid, pouring out around your cock. Squirting my juices all over your groin and stomach, and drenching the bed sheets.

We laid spent, then you rolled me over to find the biggest wet spot you’d ever seen.  And at that site, you were ready for squirting round number two. Are you ready to burst my bubble and make me squirt all over you too? Cum play with Roxy and get RockHard4Roxy. Read all my kinky sex stories on my page!

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