When I moved here from Mexico I desperately want it to fit in. I already spoke the language quite good, but the cultural clash was astonishing. For example, in Mexico we don’t have school teams, all of our teams are privately sponsored. So when I found out I could join a school team, I was ecstatic. I decided to join soccer when I went in to register a few weeks before school started. When I did, I got a flyer about soccer camp, over the weekend at the school’s gym. Without hesitation, because I want it to make friends, I decided to sign up.

The weekend couldn’t come quick enough, I was so excited to make friends and train. The mini camp, consisted of a three day stay in school filled with “getting to know the team” exercises, training, and obviously the sleepover experience. I arrived at school fairly early and got to chat with our coaches. We spent that Friday afternoon doing drills and getting to know each other. By the end of the night I was exhausted and I couldn’t wait to set my sleeping bag and get some rest. I had gotten along with all the girls, they were all really welcoming, I didn’t know how welcoming they were, till I fell asleep.

I’m a very heavy sleeper, so when the girls started my “initiation” it took me awhile to wake up. I just remember waking up to a dripping wet pussy. When I came to my sense, the captain of the team, Megan, had a vibrator in my pussy at low speed. I was shocked, I just didn’t understand what was going on, but I didn’t want it to stop. I started to grind my hips back and forth as Megan gave the vibrator to hold to Amber, the goalie. ¬†Megan started to finger my pussy first with one finger, and Amber speed up the buzzing on the vibrator. I was moaning very loud. As I looked around all the other girls were just sitting on their sleeping bags, some playing with their pussies, others just staring with a smirk in their face. I felt really close to cumming and I know Megan could fell my pussy tense up, and grip her now two fingers inside me. She abruptly stopped and Amber slowed down the vibrator. They didn’t want me to cum that fast, not yet. Carly, a forward, said she had brought a surprise the newbies. She took out a vibrating dildo from her backpack, and handed it to Megan. She stuck the dildo in one thrust and turned it on, on high. I could feel my pussy dripping with my juices. Megan then said that now it was my turn to cum. It took me awhile but I felt something I had never felt before. I could feel my orgasm building up as I was grinding my hips back and forth while Megan fucked my wet pussy. Amber, came up and laid next to me, she started to suck on my nipple, and started playing with my clit. When she did, I couldn’t take it anymore, I came, but something that had never happened to me, occurred. As Amber rubbed my clit, I felt a rush of juices and then it happened. I was squirting right on Megan’s hand. There was a puddle on the floor with my cum. Megan, stood up, and said “clean it up newbie”, with a smirk on her face.

After I cleaned it up I fell asleep right away. The next morning all the girls treated me like their best friend. I felt like I belonged. I guess girls that make girls squirt and best friends forever.



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