Squirting: Mr.M makes me squirt again and again.

Just so you know, in my opinion, every girl can squirt. It’s all about tickling the right spots. Mr. M made me realize that I can do it more than once. He loves squirting!

Every time I speak with Mr.M I know fireworks and magic are going to happen.
Sometimes we get a third. You know, a girl to get my pussy and ass ready for him.
This we watched a video. It had been awhile with Mr.M. He called me late one night and was excited to hear my voice. I was excited to hear his too. I made myself comfortable in my chair and listened to his thick Texan accent speak to me. tell me that this time I am going to squirt more than once.

” Let’s shoot for 4 times.”

I smiled but he couldn’t see it. I want you to go to porn hub and find this squirting video. He told me what to type in and I found it. I watched as this hot brunette was getting her pussy ready to be fucked.
I got silent on the phone and began rubbing my clit. “What’s going on with my little bitch’s pussy” ” I am rubbing my clit Mr.M I am soaking wet.” He laughed ” It’s time to start slapping let’s get to number one.” I slapped my clit as hard as I possibly could. ” Get ready I want to mount up in that ass.

Slap that little bitch pussy.” I slapped it faster. My breath got heavier as my pussy clenched and juice gushed. ” Keep slapping that pussy” I kept slapping as fast as I could and number two and three followed. Out of breath, I say ” Mr. M, I can’t take anymore.” He laughed.
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