Squirting: you’ve heard about it. Ready to experience it with her?

For some reason, squirting seems to elude a lot of people. I think there’s a lot of pressure on the squirter, too. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been talking about sex with other women and heard them (excitedly) ask each other: “Have you ever squirted?”

I’m talking about what’s also called female ejaculation, of course. Think of the (also somewhat elusive) ‘g-spot’ as a “female prostate.”

And don’t think of yourself as the ‘giver’ of this ‘magical, legendary’ orgasm. Think of yourself as the assistant to ultimate female pleasure.

That’s not just me being a big bad domme, either — squirting takes a presence of mind and a conscious decision to ‘let yourself’ completely let go. Maybe this is because the feeling of squirting and what happens right before feels a lot like having to pee . . . having to pee really, really bad.

Most women aren’t so eager to piss the bed in front of their lover . . . so you can see why the squirting orgasm takes some next-level intimacy, clear and open communication, and probably a little extra foreplay, right?

I usually have safe(r) sex with all my partners. I haven’t been in a long-term, committed “fluid-bonded” relationship in a while, and even then I preferred the feeling of my partner wearing a glove to his hand just digging around in there, no matter how clean and well-trimmed his nails were! If the white gloves from the household cleaning supplies section of the grocery store kill the mood for you and your lady, you can always pick up special disposable gloves at a sex shop or order them online.

I learned how to squirt (and make other women squirt) from a friend of mine who is a professional sex therapist/coach. If you’re ready to cum learn about squirting before pt. 2 of this blog, you know what to do . . . just give me a call.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke