Squirt ALL Over Your Face!

Squirt? Me? Oh yes, I can! And I do. Especially when I have really good instruction.

My phone rings. I know it’s you and my pussy already starts to drip just by the sound of your voice. I know what’s coming and I can’t wait to play. Play with you.

While we talk on the phone I grab my dildo as instructed. First I rub it against my clit, making it nice and juicy. My mound is getting so hard and sensitive. I want to cum so bad already.

But you tell me no. Not to cum. To wait. For you, I’m an obedient little slave and I do what a good girl does. I hold it in and try my hardest to only cum when you say.

I grit my teeth and my moans become deeper, needier. My breath begins to increase, becoming shallow and quick. My chest heaves rapidly and my eyes are shut tight. I start to pant. I want to cum so bad. But you want me to squirt for all I’m worth so you let the pressure build deep inside my little pussy.

As I imagine your cock pressed inside me my moaning becomes louder and so much more urgent. Your breath gets louder, too. You want to hear me cum. You order me to really pound my g spot with my thick toy.

My feet push into my bed. My toes start to curl and my hips rise off my mattress. The pressure is getting way too much for me to bear.

When you tell me it’s finally okay for me to cum, that pressure releases and my sheets are soaked. When I cum I can feel my pussy push; even my lower abs tighten. I let myself relax back onto my bed and my ass gets coated with my cum.

You cum so hard knowing I squirted so hard for you.

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