Who Doesn’t Like Hot Tub Sex?

There’s something about the hot steamy water and the chill of the night air that make hot tub sex a must. Add a few glasses of wine and you’re in for a very erotic evening. Well, I don’t have the hot tub but I do have the wine. With my third glass of red, I decided to stand out on my deck for some fresh night air. I noticed them right away. My neighbors were in their hot tub making out. They had no idea I was spying on their intimate moment. So, with my wine in hand, I continued to watch as things heated up. 

Things Get Steamy

They were so horny and lost in the moment it was like watching my own private hot tub sex porn. Things heated up when the husband unlatched his wife’s bikini top then sucked on each of her nipples. I could hear her moans of pleasure from up on my deck. Then the wife stood up with her back towards me and pulled her bikini bottom down revealing her plump ass cheeks.

The husband quickly removed his shorts, sat back down in the corner and his wife sat on his cock with a cry of pleasure. She bounced up and down as he guided her hips. It was pretty damn hot and being the dirty depraved slut I am, I never once thought about giving them their privacy. You can’t beat your own private hot tub sex show! 


I wanted to enjoy the show even more so I set my wine glass down and put my hand down my pajama pants. My slick clit tingled as I softly massaged it. But, something must have caught the attention of the husband because he suddenly looked right up at me. I just froze. He looked me up and down and quickly realized that I was pleasuring myself to his steamy hot tub sex. But he didn’t seem to mind. In fact, I think he liked it. 

He grabbed his wife’s long dirty blonde hair and started thrusting into her forcefully. All the while, his eyes were on me. We locked eyes and I slowly removed my top then unlatched my lacy bink bra and dropped it to the floor.

This excited him more and he fucked her harder, not taking his eyes off me as I caressed my perky tits. It was like he was really fucking me. I started playing with my pussy again and he nutted hard inside his wife. They both cried out but he pressed her against his chest so he could watch me play with myself without her knowing. 

Hot Tub Sex Surprise

She started to get up and out of the hot tub so I leaned back into the shadows so she wouldn’t see me. That’s when I got a huge surprise! The blonde he was fucking was not his wife at all. It was his step-daughter!

The mother and daughter could definitely pass for sisters. But, of course, I just assumed he was fucking his wife. He watched as she got out of the hot tub stark naked and quietly made her way into the house. Then, he turned back to me and put his finger to his lips to say, “Shhh”. 

I love having dirt on people, especially naughty men like him. Now I just have to decide how to use this juicy information against him. 


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