It is an amazing time of year as the new season is here. For me, it means Springtime camping is here. Of course, I love camping in all seasons but this is my favorite.

All the trees and flowers are blooming. The air is fresh and clean. My friends and I love camping by rivers and lakes. We can fish for our meals and clean up in the waters.

And, it is also fun having sex in the early morning sun or the setting sun in the evenings. Outdoor sex is fucking amazing. Feeling the cool breezes on my big bare titties is so nice.

SpringTime Camping is better than any other time.

We have our tents set up in a gorgeous open area. The river is flowing quickly from the Spring rains. Of course, all the animals are busy and running around. And, the birds sing happy songs.

Our fire pit is nice and big for colder nights. We can gather around it and spend happy evenings telling stories and laughing together. It is time to take this Springtime camping trip to the next level.

Of course, as we hang out and catch a buzz, we start feeling naughty. Mike and Abbey start making out. Then, she takes my hand and pulls me into a kiss with them. We are undressing each other under the moonlight.

This is why I love this time of year so much!

Like-minded friends and I having the time of our lives together out in the wild. No one is around but us and nature. Of course, all the animals are around us but they don’t pay us any attention.

Once and a while, we run into other campers on our Springtime camping journey. People like us that are looking for some quiet space to camp and have fun. Sometimes they set up camp with us.

Of course, when they do, our excursion takes a whole new direction.  Good times with sexy strangers. New stories to hear and new bodies to explore during our sexual fun.

And, I even get to be the anal slut of my dreams!

Each night, all the guys take turns sliding their huge cocks into my tight young asshole. Some of the others happily eat the cum out of me. It is a nightly thing for the entire Springtime camping trip.

Of course, you can hear all the dirty details when you call me on my phone sex hotline. And, not only that, you and I can do anything you desire on our calls. I am open to everything!

The kinkier it is, the more I love it. Just ask my camping friends. They are learning I am willing to be the best cum slut for all of them. Hell, my girlfriends even love fucking me with toys outdoors.

The sky is the limit on our naughty Springtime camping excursions.

Additionally, we have even pulled a park ranger or two into play with us. I love a man in uniform with a big dick. These guys weren’t expecting so much fun until they were sliding their hard cocks into my tight young pussy and ass.

Of course, if you want to play with me, all you have to do is call my number!