Spoiled Princess Wants What She Wants! Buy Me That And I’ll Fuck You

Spoiled Princess? You could say I was. Since I have become more self-sufficient I don’t ask for money in the trade of sex. How do you think I got my store? I may have had a little help from an old lover!

John was a nice guy but not completely my type. I like to chill with him and go to dinners, and parties, and the rare time I would let him touch my huge tits. One day John and I were out shopping and I saw something I desperately wanted, an expensive pair of Gucci sunglasses. The job I held didn’t afford such a frivolous item.

I put the glasses back with a frown. John however picked them up with a small smile. “You want these huh? Tell you what, I’ll buy these for you but you gotta wear this for me.” John held up a sexy piece of lingerie. My eyebrows raised in surprise. “Seriously? You’ll buy these if I wear that? Do you expect anything else?” I said. John shook his head in the negative.

With a smile, I left the store with my new Gucci glasses.

Over the next few weeks, we often made these little deals. The items became more expensive and the things I had to do became more daring. I even found myself pouting like a spoiled princess when I wanted something lavish. No sexual favors were exchanged, I was holding out until I wanted something big.

Thinking back on it all I would bet my full address to you all that John enjoyed seeing me act like a spoiled princess. Often I would pander around trying to get my life together. I wanted to start fresh and I wanted something that was mine. Walking one day down the busy streets in Ottawa John led me to the front of a lovely adult boutique.

This is my calling! Even the for sale sign screamed BUY ME! Whirling around on my heels I started to beg as I had never begged before. “John, please! You have to buy this for me. I’ll do anything I swear if you do this for me.” I cooed.

John led me back to our starting point and opened the car door.

Getting in I needed to figure out how I could get him to buy me that store. He stayed for dinner that night and I decided to turn up the heat. I put on my sexiest panties and matching bra. It wasn’t unusual for me to walk around dressed that way. I knew it drove John wild.

Instantly his eyes were glued to me. Biting his lower lip and holding his breath, he asked me what I was doing when I straddled him. I rocked my hips into his groin as I whispered into his ear. “I’ll give you what you want John if you give me what I want.” With that, I licked the whirl of his ear and slid off his lap.

His smile stretched wider as he undid his pants. Pulling out his cock he took me by the back of my head and feed his hard dick into my mouth. Gagging I tried to fit his long thick dick into my throat. He never let up though, he shoved his dick deeper and wouldn’t let up. “Spoiled princess is gonna get what’s coming to her.” He said. With that, I was bent over the sofa and impaled by his cock.

Surprisingly he fucked with finesse. Why didn’t I bang John sooner? His cum shot deep inside of me before I got to cum. I’ll let you cum eventually he said while putting himself back together “If you want that store you’ll earn it with your body Jordan.”

You all know I have my store! I earned it with my pussy.

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