“Gimmee Gimmee never gets,” Oh yeah??? Um, no, not in my experience anyway! I ask and I do receive, and is there anyone more worthy to receive than ME??? NO! This handsome older guy I’ve been seeing, he’s a lawyer with money to burn, really. He’s been very generous with me. He’s a good looking, distinguished type and I love going shopping with his credit cards. He loves taking me shopping, too.

We actually went shopping last Saturday afternoon and, well, he got real lucky in the dressing room of the lingerie store, if ya know what I mean! He’d already spent a couple of grand on me, for clothes, shoes, purses, etc. and I decided to say thank you the best way I know how, with my lips wrapped around his cock as he sat in the little chair in the corner of the dressing room. I had to tell him to be quiet and not moan or the clerk would be knocking on the door wondering what was going on in there. What was going on was a fantastic blow job. He loved being able to watch it in the mirror at the same time as well, very visually stimulating, watching his cock go down my throat at two angles like that.

After I’d sucked on his cock a while, he stood me up and we fucked standing up. I was afraid the thrusts would be heard through the flimsy partitions between the rooms, but they were seemingly empty for the moment and he fucked me hard and fast and his cum was dripping down my leg as we walked out. We did get a few stares from the staff, so I kinda think they might have guessed what we were up to in there, but no one said anything. Being his spoiled princess half his age sure has it’s advantages I thought later that night as I was hanging up all my new clothes!

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