I love being a little spoiled baby.

A spoiled baby can always bring a little light to a man’s day. It’s like being a sugar baby, but even naughtier. I’m my Daddy’s little tease, sexy and sweet, and very naughty.. he has a thing for financial domination and I make sure I play with the idea all the time for him. Daddy loves spending money on buying me lingerie as long as I wear it all the time for him. Every little thing he buys, he gets to ‘unwrap’ the same day, pulling it off of me very slowly. He loves corsets and teddies because they take a little longer and he can dote on every little piece. I love walking around in heels for him, too – he loves the pink ones that make me look like a little brat. No matte what he does, I’m always there at the end of the day making him feel better and bringing him back up. A long, hard work day always pays off when he gets to set up a playdate afterwards.

I love bringing along a few toys too, like my favorite little vibrator.. It’s a little clit vibrator that he’ll slip into my thong and make me keep it in place. He’ll watch me squirm endlessly, moaning and pleading, just so he can have me beg him to let me cum.. And he always loves it when I get my lingerie juicy with it, he knows I can’t contain ti when I cum really hard. He has a well kept spoiled baby ready to cum on the spot for him..and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a happier man because of it! 😉 I’ll be his little slut for quite a while.. I guess you really do have to work hard and play harder!

Come play with me.

vibrator torture