Kisses to all my luvs that read this. I just have to tell you a quick sploshing story about what happened when my BFF Kim came in and stayed for New Years! She is always so horny and evil, she even wears out my poor Norman in just a day or two. He actually sleeps in another room when she is here, cause she keeps me up all night! This time, she literally decided to keep me in bed for a few days….

One morning, after a couple hours rest, I got up to take a shower. It was a weekday, and Norman was at work. Kim was in the kitchen fooling with something. The hot shower felt good, and as I was feeling it run over me, it suddenly turned cold and the lights shut off. Kim put a blindfold over my head and cuffed my hands behind my back. She yanked me out of the shower backwards by my hair. She threw me on the bed, and it felt strange. She told me she had put special rubber sheets on the bed, and we were going to put them to the test.

I was still wet, and now cold, and she started to feed me some food. She told me she had a high-fiber granola bar, some eggs, sausage, and water, and I was to eat and drink it all. She started by sitting me up, and putting hoot scrambled eggs on my tits, then scooping them up and feeding me with her fingers. She took the sausage links, and stuck them in my pussy all greasy and hot, then fed them to me. Finally, I was force fed the granola bar, which clearly tasted like she had it in her pussy first. She then took a pitcher of ice cold water, and anything I didn’t drink, spilled over my body, and pooled under me.

She pulled me down, and I felt her straddle me. I welcomed her pussy, and my tongue licked her clit like a reflex. Suddenly, she flooded my face with her own warm juices, and peed straight into my mouth, yelling at me to drink it all. I drank as much as I could, and when she climbed down, she made me lick the rubber and clean anything I missed. Then the phone rang, and she made me speak to one of you, tell you what was happening, and see if you wanted her to do anything more.

I have such sadistic callers, let’s just say things got dirtier and nastier from there. She is still over, and looking for any really good ways to punish me for living so far away, think you can inspire her? Think she needs to be paid back? Call me now and let me know who’s side you’re on….

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