Who would have thought Sploshing would be so much fun!!!

Sploshing, Read part 1 and part 2 here.

Sploshing had its good moments that strange night. After being the dinner for soo many men the bell rang and they slowly backed away from me. My husband was walking towards me and undoing his pants and I realized not only was I dinner but I was about to get dessert too.

Grabbing me by my ankles my husband slid me down to the edge of the linen-clad table. Pushing my legs apart he stood in the middle and dropped his pants to the floor. Stepping out of them so as to keep them clean he walked up to the table.

One of the waiters moved forward and handed my husband a bowl of fresh whip creme and a spoon. He scooped some of the sugary fluff and spread it on my pussy. Then taking his cock he rubbed it all around my pussy lips. Finally, with a strong thrust, he entered my cunt and started to fuck me. Looking around at all the men in the room I saw that most of them were starting to play with themselves. Closer and closer they all got to the table and me and started pulling out their dicks and masturbating while my husband fucked me.

All sorts of grunts and groans filled the room as we had an orgy to surpass all orgies. With so many men watching me I couldn’t contain myself and came all over my husbands’ stiff cock!! This put a few of the men to the edge and they squirted their loads all over my body. This turned my husband on even more and he rocked back and forth fucking me hard.

Finally, he could take no more and he shot his cum deep in my cunt.

The rest of the men then came with him. Cum covering my body Ming Li grabbed a towel and started to towel me off. A bowl of warm soapy water next to her and she cleaned me up real good. Grabbing my hand she led me from the table back to the dressing room to get dressed.

Emerging clean and dressed I looked at my handsome husband now the only one in the room and smiled. It had been quite the dinner for us and one we would never forget.

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