Spiked heels, big black cocks and a fat sack of blow are the makings of an awesome night.

Spiked heels make me feel sexy and powerful. I have a closet full of them. They are more than just footwear, they are the stuff erotic fantasies are made of. Here is one of them:
I have a favored client who really gets his rocks off hard to the idea of being my cuckold. Not just any cuckold though. My client has a very specific fantasy in mind. I find the idea of it so hot and sexy, I thought I’d write about it.

Tonight I’m wearing a skin-tight, black little mini dress. I have on lacy thigh high stockings on and a pair of smoking hot spiked heels. I look super hot and I definitely know it. I’m heading to the bar to meet up with my lover, Richie.

It’s Saturday night and I know he’s got a big, fat sack of blow in his pocket waiting for me. I smile and blow him a kiss as I walk in and immediately get down to business. My job at the bar is to pick up black studs and bring them back home with us. The bar is jam-packed with people, but it doesn’t take me long to spot of a group of black guys playing pool towards the back of the room.

They are exactly who I am looking for: tall, well built, young and sexy as hell. Call it a gift if you will, but I am an expert at picking men up in bars. Within twenty minutes I convince them all to come back to my place and party with Richie and me.

As soon as we get them in our apartment we start to party. Richie lays outlines for us all and each has a drink in hand.

The plan tonight is to make Richie watch as I get fucked in every hole and in every way by these black stallions.

Taking my clothes off, but leaving on my spiked heels, I drop to my knees and begin to suck dick after dick. Richie sat beside me and watched, but could not participate. I’ve told him countless times, my pussy is for black cocks only.

I do throw him a bone or two, however, when I let him take lines off my sexy heels as I grip a fat cock between them. We do the throughout the night. Sometimes I take lines straight off a monster cock, while Richie licks my heels.

One after another I fuck these young bucs until they nut inside of me. When I’ve got a pussy full of jizz that’s when Richie steps in to clean me all up. That’s as close to my pussy as he is allowed. I expect him to eat every last drop until I’m sparkling clean.

Can you imagine how hot a night like that would be? We can.

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