I looked so forward to having sex with Matt that I NEVER thought I was in for a “small” surprise.

Sex stories: SPH was not what I was expecting. I had just started dating this guy named Matt when we finally decided to “seal the deal” and have sex for the first time. We had been dating for about 3 months and my libido was in high gear as I was just dying to fuck him and fuck him good.

The night started with a nice dinner at a very fancy restaurant and some dancing. Then we went home and I thought for sure we would jump right into bed.

He seemed a little hesitant and I couldn’t figure out why. At least not until we finally did get into bed.

As soon as he got undressed I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Not only did he have a small cock but I could barely even see it it was sooo small. He blushed and told me he always got laughed at and actually learned to love it. He said he would please me with some of my favorite toys while I picked on him and humiliated his small dick. Then he would masturbate with his two fingers, hahaha, and cum that little bit of cum all over my chest.

Eager to achieve an orgasm I was all game for this “little” SPH adventure.

I undressed and got out my favorite toy, my Lelo. Its this great purple dildo with a little rod like attached to it that vibrates my clit at the same time as I fuck myself with the dildo part.

Playing with myself and getting myself all wet I told him what a worthless piece of shit his meat was.  I was really giving him the SPH he wanted and that it would never even come close to pleasing a real woman.  With a cock that small I should call Ripley’s believe it or not..haha! This had to be one of the smallest penises the world has ever seen. I told him to take his pinky finger and stroke it good as I pushed my dildo deeper into my cunt and brought myself to an amazing orgasm. Finally, he shot his “little” load all over my breasts and I made the little fucker lick it all up. It was the least he could do for leading me on. Small cock humiliation was all he was worth.

Best Phone Sex!

Small penis humiliation is one of the Kingom girls’ favorite sexual fetishes!  Read this hot story!