SPH virgin denial has to be one of the saddest things I’ve ever witnessed. I don’t care if you have tons of experience or absolutely none at all, a great big dick or a chubby acorn, all guys want to get that nut. Guys are always horny. Even if we’re “just friends,” you want that pussy so bad you’d get on your hands and knees for it. Are you gonna shoot your shot with that baby dick? Wake up, loser. The best sexually you’ll ever get from any of us sluts is SPH virgin denial.

I like big dicks and I cannot lie.

Horny sluts like me want huge dick, Big Dick Energy, alpha males. We need to breed with those studs. They make our pussies soak at the thought of their big hands, fat dicks, and full balls. We give off vibes that say: “Manhandle me and make me cum with that massive cock.” If you’ve sensed it, but never been on the receiving end of a cock hungry whore begging for cum, then you’re what we call a “safe” guy. And if you ever whipped out that baby dick, thinking you were in the running for alpha male breeder status, you’d be on the receiving end of some massively sad SPH virgin denial.

We Don’t Mean To Laugh But… SPH virgin denial keeps losers like you in line.

In every college girl group, we have one “safe” male that hangs around with us. If you’re not aware of this phenomenon, then you may well have been the safe male. Let me put it this way: if you were asked to hang out with a group of girl friends, none of whom you were dating, then you were the safe guy.

What makes you “safe”? First, you’re around for intimate conversations with us. (You’ll listen to how we love to get fucked, guys we think are hot, which sex toys we prefer.) And second, there is absolutely no confusion about any kind of sexual tension. Although, I take that back; we girls won’t be confused. You might be confused, but that’s genuinely entertaining to us! We think you’re pathetic but in an, “Aw, what a loser! Maybe he’ll buy me something expensive to make up for his inability to please my pussy” sort of way.

That’s not bratty teen SPH, though, that’s just honest and you’re begging for some SPH virgin denial. Do you think you have a shot with that tiny twig between your legs? You’re practically a girl to us anyway, so we don’t mind having you around! Go ahead and humiliate yourself with that tiny penis. Flash it and be proud of it. Just know, we will laugh and roll our eyes.

If you’ve got a tiny peen, you might as well be gay.

A lot of the time a safe guy already has a boyfriend. However, most of the time, the guy we girls don’t mind hanging out with is completely straight. You say you’re happy and value our friendship, but come on, let’s get real here. If you didn’t have that little clit for a dick, then you’d be fucking your way through that horny group of girls in a second flat. You think about all of the times we’ve discussed amazing orgasms from our boyfriends right in front of you. And it makes your itty bitty peepee tingle, doesn’t it? See, we know even if we haven’t seen it, you won’t give us what we need. You’re a basic beta bitch and the best sexually you’ll ever get from any of us is SPH virgin denial.


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