As I am always telling you guys, I love my husband but he is lacking in the bedroom. I love meeting new guys and playing around. Yes, I am a Cheating Wife and love it. However, this latest guy was an SPH surprise disappointment.

I have tons of hot guys with great dicks I play with. One of them is great when I feel like Providing Sensual Pegging. This stud is outstanding fun and I love playing with him and his big cock.

Most of the time, we go straight into sex, but this latest guy was into seduction. It was flattering so I am letting him. However, tonight as we are making out and I finally grab his crotch, the truth came out.

His seduction was to postpone the SPH surprise disappointment!

He knows his dick is tiny and to keep sexy women like me around his uses misleading tactics. What a fucker! And, he is so sexy on the outside too! Tall, handsome, successful businessman.

Of course, none of that matters if you aren’t able to give me some big cock. I already have a wealthy husband unable to please me. There is no reason to have another dud in my stable.

And, it was time to unleash some intense small penis humiliation on this asshole. This piece of shit is a true misleader. Using seduction to flatter women and keep them around longer. Also, postponing the SPH surprise disappointment for us.

He knows exactly what he is doing and it isn’t cool!

That is what a sexy hottie like me is giving him what he deserves with some hardcore reality. I start with letting him know he should be calling it a clit not a cock. He is all offended immediately.

That isn’t stopping me. From there, I tell him, I would love to show him how to live life as a sissy boy. It is time he becomes his true calling. Serving men and taking cock instead of pretending he has one.

His dick was so tiny, I told him I need a magnifying glass to find it. He was getting mad now and I am loving it. Then, I remind him, this is all his fault for misleading me and not being honest until I got the SPH surprise disappointment.

He tries using different tactics defending his actions but I am not having it.

I tell him the only way he is going to be in my life is as a cuck bitch with a cock cage. He is definitely getting pissy now. Calling me all kinds of names and crossing some lines. Time for more and I cold cock that mother fucker!

He drops to the floor staring at me. I remind him, no one talks to me like that and tell him, never to contact me again unless he is going to be my sissy bitch. He is practically crying now as I tell him to fuck off.

Which are you? A misleader or a real man? Call me and tell me so we can play!