Special Treatment From My Sexy Doctor

I was in the hospital under observation for a head injury that I sustained during a car accident.  I didn’t have any life-threatening injuries but the doctor thought I should be kept overnight just to be sure.  The doctor that was treating me was pretty damn hot!!  There was quite a bit of flirting that went on between us in the ER while he was examining me.  Before he left me with the nurse to be admitted, he said, “I’m off duty in about an hour, but I will be back to check on you myself to see how you’re doing.”  I smiled at him and said, “Well, I feel special, you’re coming in just to check on me huh?”  “Yeah, well, you’re a special case,” he replied, smiling back at me before he turned and walked out of the room.


I was lying in my hospital bed, a little out of it from the pain medicine that they put me on.  So I had been dozing off and on for hours, never really being able to sleep.  Around 1:00 am, I heard my door open and close.  It was almost completely dark in my room so all I could see was the outline of a body making its way to my bed.  I felt a hand gently lay on my stomach and then I heard the voice of my sexy doctor.  “Hello, Brooke.  I told you I would come to check on you.  How is my favorite patient feeling?” he asked.

“Well, I’m a little floaty from the medicine, my head is feeling okay, but now that you’re here…I seem to have developed some aching,” I teasingly replied.

“Oh?  And where does it hurt?” he asked.  “Give me your hand,” I said, “and I’ll show you.”  He placed his hand in mine, I removed part of my covers, lifted my gown as I said, “the aching is right….here,” and placed his hand right on my hot center.

He started to pull his hand back a little but then relaxed and covered my satin-covered folds.  “Well,” he started, “we can’t have you aching, now can we?  I think I have just the cure for you.”  With that, he moved my soft panties to the side and slid his fingers up and down my wetness.  After a few passes, he slid one finger into my tight opening.  “Mmmm…” I moaned as he continued his “treatment” of me.  “You know, there is a reason I waited until this time to come check on you,” he said.  “At this time, the nurses are all done their shift change, have come in to get your vitals, and are now settled in, thinking everyone is sound asleep.  They won’t be back to check on you for a few hours.”  He then slid another finger deep inside of me.

I began to move my hips, pressing up into his hand as he fucked me with his fingers.  “Mmm…Is my patient feeling better now?” he asked.  “A little bit,” I replied, “but I could use a little more of your treatments.”  I reached down and pulled him closer to the top of the bed, parted his white coat, and undid his pants.  His cock was already hard for me when I freed it from confinement.  “It looks like my doctor could use a little special treatment of his own,” I said as I began stroking his nice, thick meat.

I started to move him toward my mouth but he stopped me.

“Not with your head injury, sweetie,” he said, “maybe next time.”  I started to give a little whimper but he leaned down and started to kiss me while he pressed more firmly on my aching pussy.  He lifted his head and whispered into my ear, “Don’t worry beautiful, I’ll take good care of you.”

He rolled me over onto my side and lay down behind me on my bed.  Then he lifted my leg and I felt his cock pushing into me.  With our bodies pressed together, he ravaged my tight fuck hole so good that I squirt all over his thick meat!  He tensed up just before he spilled his seed deep inside my hungry cunt.  He slid from my body, off the bed, and kneeled down, pulling my filled pussy to the edge and began to lick up my messy love hole.  When he was done, he leaned over and kissed me so deeply. I could taste both of our juices in his mouth.

“When you are recovered fully, we will see just how crazy dirty we can be with each other.  My cell number is in your pants pocket in the closet.  Call me when you’re ready,” he said.  Then he got up and quietly walked out of my room.  I love to be a naughty girl with all kinds of people that I “shouldn’t” be with…cum play with me and see how naughty I can really be.

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