A Special Shower Is The Hottest

This morning You and I ended up in my shower soaping each other up again. Then you have a sudden idea of something you want to try. And you’re not sure how I will handle it. You ask me to get down on my knees in front of you. My back is facing toward the water spray and I am looking at your hanging cock. I start to take your cock into my mouth thinking that, I will be giving you a blow job. You stop me and tell me to just sit here with my mouth open. It takes a few minutes or so and then you start to pee on me.

Now this is a special shower.

My eyes widened in surprise as your pee hits my tits. You cover my marvelous tits with your piss and then start to move the stream upwards. You told me to keep my mouth open and you raise the stream and ran it across my face, letting some of the piss go into my mouth. I let it go into my mouth but let most of it run right back out of her mouth without flinching. You raised your dick higher and peed all over my dark brown curly hair. Which then drips down my face. I’m so turned on as you make this a special shower experience. You feel your stream starting to slow down and you aim it back to my mouth. Again, I let the pee flow right back out.

But then you notice I  swallow some of it.

You don’t have much pee left but I grab you by the hips and pull your dick with pee still coming out into my mouth. And I swallow every drop of what is left. You are in shock. It is not your intention for me to swallow your piss. However, you want this to be a special shower but I take it to the next level. When the last drops are done, I continue to lick and suck your cock until you have a nice hard-on. I stand up turn around towards the water spray and put my head under the water. Then I let you know that I want you to fuck me. You crouch down a bit to get your cock under me and then your cock slips right into my wet pussy.

We now call this our special shower.

I let the water run across my face while taking some water into my mouth and letting it run back out to get rid of the taste of your pee. After you finally come inside me, I turn around toward you, put my arms around my neck, and give you a big kiss. It isn’t just a kiss; it is making out. My mouth is open and my tongue is in your mouth dueling with your tongue. When we finally pull apart, the only thing you can express is Wow, from our special shower sex! You cannot get over the passion and connection we have at this moment. If you are extra kinky like me then check out: Sexy Step-Sisters Surrendering To Cock

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