man touching slipWhen I was 11 I had a crush on m older cousin. He was around 15 when his family came to visit us. There were a lot of relatives at the house that weekend and some of us volunteered to sleep in a tent in the backyard. It was the hot cousin, his brother and my sister who ended up “camping out”. There were only two sleeping bags so my sister suggested we sleep boy/girl in each bag. Since the other cousin and her were the same age, they chose to share one and quickly were cuddling and kissing inside it.

My hot older cousin seemed a little disappointed. My sister was 14 and she was already hot. Her tits were growing in and she was completely boy crazy. I was still flat and skinny. I looked at him and felt his let down. He reluctantly climbed in the bag and told me to get in.
At first he lay away from me, with his back facing me. I watched his figure, wishing he would turn around and kiss me.

I took my hand and I ran it down his back. I wanted to feel him. I was wearing my pink summer night gown and I wanted him to turn around and look at me. I didn’t quite know why I wanted this so bad. I touched is arm with my finger. With my other hand I was touching my pussy though the sheer night gown. He rolled over and saw me gazing at him. I turned red and felt ashamed but he smiled and gave me a hug. I felt his cock against my thigh. I felt it get hard so I rubbed my leg against it. He kissed me softly and I kept touching his cock through his boxers. He guided my hand through the leg of them so I could touch it. It was the first cock I ever felt. I was so excited.

He moved my hand slowly up and down his cock. I watch his eyes gaze over and his cock twitched. He was trying to be quiet so no one knew what we were up to. His hand slid down my leg and he was touching my panties. I felt wet as he put his fingers inside me. He stiffened up when he touched me and his cock got rock hard and then with out warning he came inside that sleeping bag.

We lay cuddled inside the bag a little ore and fell asleep. We never spoke of this again but I still feel wet when I see him come into a room!

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