My Special Cousin and I An Incest Story

My Cousin Johnny and I were always close growing up. From the time we could walk and talk we would play every day. We would play lots of games, basketball, checkers, board games, I even made him play barbies with me a time or two.

As we started to get older Johnny was turning into such a hunk shaggy blonde hair, abs that’s would break a board, and an ass out of this world.
One day we were at his house my aunt and mom had left us there together alone to go shopping. We were 15 and he was playing some stupid video game and I was just watching him.
He catches me watching him and asks my what I am looking at, I told him he had a boner. He looks down and starts to get embarrassed, (teenage boys, they get hard for anything).

Before he can get up and leave the room I put my hand on his hard member, shocked he jumps back and asks me what I am doing that I am his cousin. I tell him I want to see it, with his mouth gaping wide open in disbelief. He stutters out an ok and begins to unbutton his jeans and pulls out his rock hard cock. I ask him if I can touch it. And apparently, this turned him on even more because it stood even more at attention than what it was. My cousin shakes his head yes and I wrap my hand around it and start to squeeze and stroke it.

My cousin shakes his head, yes and I wrap my hand around it and start to squeeze and stroke it.

He asks me to take off my shirt so he can see my perky little titties. I do without hesitation he then leans into me to kiss me, I can feel myself getting moist, as my cousin’s kissing me with my hand on his cock, he brings his hand up to my skirt and reaches into my pretty pink panties and starts rubbing my tight little pussy. Mmmm it feels amazing. My cousin begins to bring his mouth to my tight little hole and spreads my pink pussy lips apart and starts to move his tongue up and down, it is almost too much to bare, he completely sets me off the edge when he slowly puts too fingers in my tight little cunt.

Mmmmmmm I moan out as a wave or orgasmic pleasure runs through me.

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