I  have this spanking fantasy I decided to write about on my other blog at thekinkycrew.com. (By the way….  If you haven’t checked us out yet, you have no idea what you are missing.) Anyways, this blog post had me so turned on while I was writing it.  Half way through it I stopped and rubbed one out.

We all know how much I love my Daddy. Quite honestly I was the child that would rebel just so I could get a spanking from him.  So many times I would wish that he would bend me right over and spank me until my ass had welt inches deep.  Fucking me so hard his balls would sting my clit.

So, this story I wrote is about slowly feeding into lust and temptation.  Years go by with bare minimal boundary crossing.  As I got older I wanted more, I enjoyed more. Finally as a young teen, I get what I had been craving after all those years.  I had masturbated so many times to this fantasy, I have tried to smack my ass as hard as I would want my Daddy too, and it’s just not enough.  I want it more, I want it harder.  I want my ass to tingle for a month.

Now that I have your attention and you think you are ready to take a step into my fantasy world.  Check out the blog post:  Spankings Daddy? Returning The Pleasures.  Get relaxed, get naked, and feel what I feel when I close my eyes and let my imagination run free.   Dirty thoughts mean dirty pleasures, and I love them all!

~Caden Candy~