Spanking slapping flogging Sara

Spanking slapping flogging Sara on Christmas Day! I came home from a nice dinner with friends and I decided to have some fun on the phone. I took off my jeans and got comfortable on my bed. Then I started to play with myself before my first call came in.

I love to get myself ready in anticipation of a call. As I was stroking my pussy, the phone rang. He was a new caller.  He wanted me in 3-inch heels and just my panties. I was already getting excited. He told me I was standing in front of him.

“Now turn to your side.” He said. He slapped my ass hard. He kept spanking my ass cheeks till they were red and sore. Then he made me face him so he could slap my face. So he slapped it over and over calling me a dirty slut. My face stung but the abuse turned me on. I begged for him to stop.

He told me to bend over his desk. He tied my hands up.  I was nervous about what was going to happen next. he asked me if I knew what flogging was. “Please don’t do it!” I begged. He took a stick and started to whip me on the ass. I cried out in pain as he kept ongoing.  Over and Over again.

My pussy tingled and my ass was stinging.

He finally stopped. I looked behind me and he was unzipping his pants. “I am now going to fuck you in your ass.” He said. “No!! Please, it’s going to hurt!” He shoved his rock hard cock into my tight little asshole. He fucked me good. So he fucked me until he came hard!

I could almost feel his cum in my asshole, dripping down my thigh. Even though it was only fantasy, my pussy was wet after that call. I turned my vibrator on and came hard!

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