I can be a little hard to deal with sometimes, it’s because I’ve always had a pretty bold personality. When I was in school I developed a very naughty reputation. There was just something about getting always into trouble that gave me thrill. We got a  strict new principal at my school,  who believed in spankings to punish bad little brats.  The thought of this handsome authority spanking me,  I found myself with a rather wet pussy. That night,  I was in my room masturbating to the thought of him bending me over and spanking my  bare ass.

So like any other little slut chasing a high,  I decided to do whatever I had to make him want to spank my ass. Even if that meant pantsing one of the douchebags in my class. It was rather hilarious though. I am sure he would be chasing the thrill of us laughing at his miniature pecker for the rest of his life.

Spanking a naughty girl will make your day!

However, I was headed to the one place I actually wanted to be. When I got in there Mr. Principal was furious. I even snickered a few times to show him I did not give a fuck about him being upset and I felt I had done nothing wrong.

He grabbed me and bent me over the desk same as he had done to so many girls before. This time however he was so furious from my lack of respect. he flipped up my skirt and pulled my dripping wet panties below my knees.  I whimpered, but my lip and braced. Grabbing his paddle he slapped me against the ass three hard times and asked me if I was ever going to do it again. I chuckled and said yes. Boy was he pissed. Again and again he spanked me while I taunted him. Over and over again till my sweet juices were running down my legs. He sent me along my way and I could not even sit down. I wondered to myself what I would have to do tomorrow to get it again.

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