A Spanking For Keeping Me Waiting

Sometimes bad boys get punished and sometimes they get rewarded for taking their spanking punishment like a man. Jason was a very bad boy who thought it was okay to show up to our date half an hour late. Yeah, I don’t like waiting around. I might let it slip one time but not twice. When Jason finally showed up I told him that I wasn’t feeling very hungry and just wanted to go home so we could have some fun. The thought of sex was what made him get his ass in gear and he had no problem moving fast now.

     I let him think I was just a horny slut that couldn’t wait for his average 6 inch dick right until he was about to push my naked ass on his bed. I sat on the end of it and grabbed his arm, pulling him down towards me. He ended up sitting beside me because he didn’t know what I wanted. I had to act all coy and tell him I wanted to do something a little naughty so please just lie across my lap. He wasn’t too sure but the horny guy couldn’t say no to a naked hot chick and he got into position.

He felt heavy on my thighs and I stared at his milky white ass as I brought my hand up ready to give him a spanking.

I slammed it down hard and it landed on him with a loud smack. He cried ad I put my arm on his back, holding him still. “Maybe next time you won’t keep a lady waiting. Keep quiet and take it like a man; you deserve this.” I told him and smacked him again and again. He kept quiet after that even though his ass got redder and my hand began to sting as the sharp smacks made him whimper.

I began to feel him get hard and his dick rubbed on my thigh. A thin sliver of wetness slid on me and I knew it was pre-cum. His ass jiggled as it got smacked and I felt that hard dick on me, tempting me and practically asking me to touch it. I pulled him off my lap and pushed him down on the bed so he was lying on his back. He made an “Oh, ow.” noise as his sore ass rubbed on the sheets and I laughed at him. His dick was straight up in the air and I put my hand around it, feeling it throb in my fist as I started to jerk him off.

That made him forget all about his ass and he laid there, biting his lap and just enjoying the handjob. I pumped him hard and fast, making pre-cum ooze out of him. He bucked his hips up, fucking my hand and I gave a little twist on my upstroke. He swelled in my hand and cum shot all over me in thick wet strings.

It dripped down me as I pumped his dick, getting all of that sticky nastiness out of him.

When he was done I held my hand against his mouth and told him to lick it clean. He hesitated and I threatened to spank him again. He looked at me for a second, trying to guess if I was serious or not then stuck his tongue out.

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