I said I’d never tried spanking a guy, but I’d be willing to try.

This new guy I’ve been seeing is a bit submissive, I could just tell with how he acts and the things he says. He was very nice, but I’m more used to in charge guys, but I thought I’d see this through a bit more before deciding to drop him or not. We’d had sex a couple of times and he was ok, no great firecracker in bed or anything, but not terrible either. Then one night he asked me how I felt about spanking. I said it was ok, a few of my boyfriends had spanked me and I found it fine, it could even be really hot under the right circumstances, and he said not him spanking me, but me spanking him, would I be ok with trying that?


gisele spanking

I burst out laughing and I think I embarrassed him, well I know I did, as he turned beet red and said he’d always liked it, and his mom had done it too him into his teens and it sort of morphed into something he liked sexually with his girlfriends.

Did he prefer the bare hand, the back of a wooden hair brush, belt, what? He said any of them were fine. He said he enjoyed being spanked before sex, and he wanted me to take the lead there too, was that ok? Sure, I could try it, I said.

He leaned over the bed and I got one of my wide leather belts, doubled it over in my hand and pulled my arm back and let him have it. He yelped when the belt struck him. I was surprised how much I enjoyed smacking his ass like this, it was a feeling of power I’d not known before and I liked it and he had to tell me to stop, since I’d have been happy just wailing on his ass this way! I must have given him a good dozen whippings when he said he’d had enough. I looked at his ass and it was deep red from all the lashes. His cock was very hard and throbbing. I told him to lay on his back, which he obediently did, and then I got up and straddled his face and he gave me a very good pussy licking, I was just grinding into his face and felt my clit being sucked and tickled by his tongue.

He was a master pussy licker and I had no complaints in that department, he was skilled, not a doubt. I then came on his face and after a few minutes of catching my breath, I got down and started to ride his cock, I felt him filling me up with that raging erection and I was just bouncing up and down, my tits bouncing, my pussy dripping all over his cock and balls and his hands on my hips helping glide me back and forth on him, it felt fantastic. It didn’t take me long before I was shrieking out in orgasm from the fucking he was giving me. Gee, if I’d known spanking his ass would have done this to his cock, I’d have been doing it from the start!

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