I Need Spanking Because I Am A Bad Girl

I had a date, Dave, the other night but I lost track of time and showed up half an hour late. He was a bit upset and I tried to make a joke about it by saying that maybe he should punish me. Dave laughed and said that maybe he’d spank me. I knew he was just joking but I really liked the thought of him spanking my ass until it was red and stinging. We went to see a movie and afterward, I suggested going back to his place.

     We ended up making out on his couch and I playfully but forcefully bit his lip while we were kissing. Dave hissed and pulled back. He put his finger to his lip and wiped away a small spot of blood. I put on my best sweet as pie look and told him I was sorry. He knew I was lying and was up to something so he played along. “Really? I don’t think you are. I think you’re lying to me.” he said sounding pissed off. So I said that he was right, I was lying and maybe he should spank me for being such a bad girl.

He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me over his lap.

He yanked my dress up and pulled my panties down. Then he brought his hand up then quickly brought it down on my bare ass. It landed hard and I cried out. He told me to keep still and he smacked me again and again. I started getting wet as I moved against him with each blow. His jeans were rough on my upper thighs and they were getting rubbed raw. Tears began to fill my eyes and my ass was burning and throbbing as his hand kept coming down. Finally, he stopped and rested his hand on my cheek. Just the slight pressure of his hand was enough to make me wince in pain. He asked me if I was ready to behave and I nodded.
     He started to get up so I stood as well. Dave got behind me and put his arms around my waist. He slid his hand down to my pussy and slipped a finger inside. Then he stroked me as he told me that it looked like my little spanking had gotten me excited. I leaned against him and felt his hard-on pressing against me. I moved my ass against it and he moaned by my ear. He said he had to have me and he pushed me face down on the couch. I heard a zipper then felt him get behind.

I got into a better position as he put his hands on my hips.

Then I leaned down lower, opening my pussy up for him. He pushed forward and rubbed the tip of his dick against my lips, teasing me. I rocked back against him, wanting him inside. He just moved back and told me to be patient. I looked over my shoulder at him, the bastard was smirking and told him to just fuck me already. He gave me a spanking on my sore ass and I jumped. He told me to behave as he pushed inside slowly. When he was in deep he began thrusting in and out of me.
It felt good and I told him to go harder. He did and I pushed back against him, wanting more. I clenched my pussy muscles tightly around him and he groaned deeply. I knew that sound, it’s the one a guy makes when he’s about to lose it. So I started rocking back against him and his fingers gripped my hips. He started to cum and I felt his cum fill me. I slid a hand down to my pussy and fingered myself as I kept moving against him. He was about to pull out and I begged him to wait. My fingers moved faster as I impaled myself on his dick. I came as he started to pull out.
     I rolled over onto my back and gasped as my sore ass touched the couch cushion. It hurt like a bitch but it was a good reminder of what you can get if you misbehave.

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