Anal sex makes me feel so naughty but last night Kyle did something that made my pussy so soaking wet that I’m still turned on by it today.

It made me so horny and feel so dirty that I need to squeeze my legs together to try and ease the pressure I feel deep inside my pussy. I was begging for Anal but he gave me something nearly as good for foreplay.

We were in the bedroom and I crawled on the bed, looking over my shoulder at him while wiggling my ass in the air. I reached behind me and stroked one of my ass cheeks as I moaned and begged him to fuck my tight little asshole. He grinned at me and got on the bed behind me, putting an arm over my waist as he leaned forward. “You want Anal?” he said, sounding surprised but hopeful and I nodded.

 His hand slid down to my ass and touched it as he said: “How bad do you want it?” I smiled and told him I really needed it, I wanted his big fat dick pounding me. He nibbled my neck and said that he thought only bad girls liked Anal, was I a bad girl?

I said I was the baddest girl he’d ever met and let out a cry as he gave my ass a smack.

This was getting fun and I wiggled my ass as I asked him to do it again. He put his arm over my back as he started spanking me, giving my ass hard swats that made me do little cries of pain as his hand landed on me. I could feel my ass stinging and it got hotter as it began to throb. He yanked my hair, making me wince as my head snapped back and he asked if I liked being a slut?

I panted and begged him to spank me harder as my pussy began to get wet. His big hand landed on my cheek with a sharp crack and I bit down on my lip. He spanked me again and again, his hand going non-stop as my body shook. I could feel my tits bouncing as juices leaked out of my pussy and my lips felt wet. I was dying to touch my self but the spanking felt so good I didn’t want to ruin the moment. Instead, I just panted and groaned as my pussy gushed and my ass turned into a fiery hot ball of pain.

 It was hard to breathe and my eyes watered as it got worse and when he finally stopped I was actually glad. I went to lie down so I could pull myself together but he held my hips up. Keeping my ass in the air.

I didn’t think I could handle another spanking but his hand went between my legs and I felt two fingers pushing into my pussy.

He could feel how wet I was and began pumping them in and out of me, finger banging me like a pro. I rocked back and after driving me crazy for a few minutes he went up to my clit. He rubbed his fingers over it, not leaving it for one second as tingles made me shudder. It felt so good and my legs snapped shut around his arm. Trapping him inside me as I came on him.

I slowly opened my legs and he slid his hand out of me, wiping his hand clean on my back and making me even dirtier. “Now let’s see how hard I can pound this hole,” he said as his finger began playing with my asshole.

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