Naughty Baby Girl Gets Spanked And Begs For Big Daddy Dick

I know I should listen to Daddy when he’s talking to me but sometimes he’s boring. I like hearing how his day went but then he talks about these presentations he has to do and I zone out. So I know they’re important to him because he’s got a fancy job with a fancy title but as long as he treats me good I don’t care about the details. He knew I wasn’t listening to him and got fed up with me misbehaving so he decided to punish me.

Daddy grabbed me by the arm and dragged me from the dinner table into the living room where he sat on the sofa. He made me stand in front of him and he undid my jeans, tugging them down with my panties. Daddy told me to take them off and I stepped out of them, getting nervous as he held my wrist tightly.
 He was really mad and his fingers were bruising me as he pulled my face down on his lap, my ass up in the air. “I’m tired of you not listening like a good girl, I’m only doing this so you can learn to act like a lady,” he told me and I knew he meant it; Daddy always does things to make me a better person. I tried not to tense up too much but I knew what was coming and I scrunched my face up as he lifted his hand then brought it down hard.

 It landed on my ass cheek with a loud smack and I cried out as it stung me.

He put his arm across my back to pin me down and spanked me again, this time doing it harder and two times in a row. My ass had hot pinpricks of pain on it and when he spanked me my pussy grinded against Daddy, making me horny. I wanted him to keep going and my pussy got wetter as I got five more smacks.
 When Daddy was done he pushed me off his lap and told me to put my clothes back on. I was too turned on though and I wasn’t allowed to touch myself until bedtime when Daddy and I were in bed together so I begged him to let me fuck him. “Please Daddy, I’ll be a good girl from now on. I promise.” I gave him my best sweet and innocent but secretly a horny slut look; my eyes going wide and my lips pouting until he finally caved.
 He undid his trousers and pulled his semi-hard dick out while I got on his lap. I reached down between us and put my hand on his dick. Stroking it until Daddy was hard for me when I lifted my ass up and put him in my pussy. I sat on his dick and pulled my top off then undid my bra so Daddy could see my big tits in his face; So I know he really likes that.

I bounced up and down, shaking my tits for him then went to the fun part.

 Daddy cupped my ass with his big strong hands and held me as I began to ride him, my pussy moving up and down on him slowly. I put my arms around his neck, squeezing my tits together as I rolled my hips forward. Every time I went up my tits pushed into his face and I could feel him breathing on them. I kept going, impaling myself on him as my clit ached and Daddy groaned. I felt his thighs shake and he came in me. Filling me with his cum while I kept bouncing on his dick until I got mine too. Then I fell forward and buried my face in his neck, biting down on my lip as I came hard.

I sat up and brushed my hair out of my face so I could see my happy Daddy. “Do you want to tell me about the presentation? I promise I’ll listen”. I said but Daddy had other things in mind as he told me that we were going to bed early.

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