Spanked and humiliated during our holiday family gathering; it was a Thanksgiving none of us would ever forget!

Spanked and humiliated, two of my favorite experiences. Whether I’m getting it or giving it, creating hardcore sex stories like these make me want to grind myself on the vibrating bullet that’s currently buried deep inside me as I write this. Soooo distracting …

  Anyway, I’ll behave … for now! 😈

It was another holiday family get together and we had just finished dessert. My mother delicately dabbed at her lips with a napkin, then cocked a glance at me and my older brother Chase.

“You two have been very naughty, especially young Angel here.” Pushing her chair back from the table, she then patted her lap. “Come here, bad girl.”

Oh shit, I thought to myself. My mouth falling open, I froze in place for a long moment. Indeed, I felt a little like a deer frozen in headlights! Nevertheless, I found myself rising from my seat. I slowly came to stand before her. “W-what do you mean, Mama?” Glancing around the room, I was acutely aware of the entire family staring at us. Daddy and Grandpa had knowing smiles on their faces and my siblings grinned in anticipation. Looking confused, my assorted aunts, uncles, and cousins just watched the scene unfold.

My mother purred, “You know EXACTLY what I’m talking about, Little Miss Angel. Pull down those panties and get over my knee … RIGHT now.”

Omg. As I stared beseechingly at my father, I could tell by his expression that he wasn’t a bit surprised by Mama’s demands. Staring back at me with a predatory gleam in his eyes, he growled “You heard your mother. Do it. Now.”

I gulped, my face on fire. Reaching under my dress, I hooked my fingertips around either side of my pretty La Perla panties. Then, I pulled downward, allowing the frothy bit of creamy lace to fall to the floor. Next, I stepped out of them. Finally, I carefully draped myself across my mother’s thighs. Of course, she flipped the hem of my dress up over my waist. As she exposed me to the room, I burned with embarrassment … and something else.

I was about to be spanked and humiliated, and I’d never wanted it more.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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