Spank Me, I’ve Been A Bad Girl!

Spank me, I’ve been a very bad girl and I think you ought to punish me. I want you to come over here, tear my clothes off, put me over your knee and spank me until it’s beet red. Don’t you think that’s a good idea? Can’t you just envision it? Well, you don’t HAVE to rip my clothes off….you can take them off any way you want, you can let your hands linger anywhere you want, but remember, you’re here to punish me. It’s about time, I get put in my place and get spanked, like all the other bad girls!

You’re fully clothed and you bend my naked body over your lap, you put your hand on my ass and you tell me how very bad I’ve been and that I deserve EVERYTHING you’re going to give me. The entire time you’re talking, you’re moving your hand in little circles on my ass cheeks. You tell me that you wouldn’t have to do this if I wasn’t such a bad, bad girl. Suddenly you stop doing those pleasant little circles, your hand leaves my ass and…SMACK!! I gasp and tears spring into my eyes. Before I can recover, you smack my ass again and again. You do this about 10 times quickly in a row and then you suddenly slip your finger into my VERY wet pussy and very swollen pussy!!

Again, I gasp and nearly cum, but you slip it in and out so quickly.

I don’t get the chance to really enjoy it. You start spanking my ass some more, but using your belt this time, it hurts sooooo good. You stop again and once more you slip your finger inside me…in BOTH of my holes. I try to prepare myself for when you take it back out, but you surprise me. So you begin to fuck me with your fingers until I started to cum and that’s when you started pushing them in deeper and deeper so that I kept cumming.

You then turn me over on the bed and I can see that you are rock hard! You can’t even wait to take your clothes off, so you unzip your pants, pull your cock out and slam it in me. OH, BABY!! Boy, did I start cummin’. You had been so worked up, that you came pretty quickly too. After we both catch our breath, you get up, take your clothes off, lay back down and give me a sheepish grin.

We start to laugh and you hold me close. “You poor baby”, you say to me.

You smile and then say, “Let me make it up to you”. Then you turn me over on my stomach and start kissing and licking my ass cheeks. Damn, even as sore as they are, that’s still a serious erogenous zone for me. The next thing I know, you know the drill! Call me for the punishment of a lifetime, because that’s precisely what happened to me!! I want you to get rough with me and let’s have amazing phone sex!

Teen Phone Sex!